Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Message from Dr. Rissacher

Dear Friend: I have identified the five most important reasons to call Slim Body Laser Spa to schedule a free consultation and try my unique laser-assisted weight loss system:

1. You are 20 to 30 pounds overweight and are over 50 years old. (You are at a huge risk of developing vascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.)

2. You’ve lost weight in the past but have gained it back and now it is more difficult than ever to lose weight. (Your hormones have changed and are fighting you to keep the weight on. We have remedies for that.)

3. You’ve been told that you have a slow metabolism and cannot lose weight. (Metabolism can be altered and increased by following a few simple rules.)

4. You’ve plateaued in your weight loss and no matter how many exercises you do, or how few calories you consume, you cannot budge the weight loss. (My Lipo Laser targets subcutaneous fat and will actually “melt” away those inches you have not been able to reduce using diet and exercise alone.)

5. You want to get rid of your stubborn fat so badly that you have been considering a surgical procedure such as liposuction or even “freezing” your unwanted fat. (My Lipo Laser procedure gives instant results the same day, with no pain, no downtime and no side effects. Results are realized at the end of three weeks, not after two to three months, as with “freezing” the fat, or after eight to 12 months, as with liposuction.)

 I invite you to call us today at 1-800-MY-SLIMBODY for an appointment.